A Garden Dream... Free studio session!

Art Journaling

Celebrating my new surroundings!

We're all settled in our beautiful new home now and oh my goodness... I am so in LOVE with my new art studio!! And our garden is such a joy with lovely blooms showing up every day, the tall trees unfolding their leaves and birds nesting all around... I'm feeling so inspired! You know I'm always ready to celebrate change and creativity, and what better place than my art journal to loosen up and make friends with my new surroundings?

I'd love for you to come along!

Click below to sign up for this FREE, FULL video session!

It’s available from 17 - 28 April, 2019 so don’t wait and join now!

Garden Dream Studio Session with Laly Mille

This studio session is not exactly a “lesson” but just me having fun, making friends with my new creative space (and testing my new filming set-up!) My hope is that it gives you a taste of my process and inspires you to play!

Ready for more?

To dive deeper into the magic of art journaling with me, make sure to check out my online class The Artist & the Journal. It opens again very soon!

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BONUS! After April 28th, the “Garden Dream” videos will be added as a bonus to The Artist & The Journal so you can watch them whenever you like! (Already enrolled? Great news! You’ll get the videos automatically!)

Thank you so much for being with me on this new part of my artist journey!

Light & Love,


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