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I often get asked about art supplies and how to get started with mixed media, so as part of my new class Soulful Abstracts, I’ve created a 5-part video series to share all my favorites (plus plenty of creative tips)… and I thought I’d share it with you free!

Take a video peek below:

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5 days of creativity!

Mixed Media Art Supplies 101 - Free 5-day workshop with Laly Mille!
  • Day 1 begins with painting tools

  • On Day 2 we demystify acrylics (gel medium, paint, ink, gesso…)

  • Day 3 is all about inks (some from the kitchen cupboard!)

  • On Day 4 we explore pens, pencils, crayons and have fun with water-soluble effects

  • And I’ve kept my favorite part for last: on Day 5 we dive into collage and texture!

Mixed Media Art Supplies 101 - Free 5-day workshop with Laly Mille!

If you are new to mixed media, I hope this will help you get started and give you a taste of the possibilities. And if you are already mixed-media-savvy, I hope this will make you want to take a fresh look at your supplies and approach them with renewed playfulness!

NB: This free series is part of my upcoming online class Soulful Abstracts! I’m still in the process of filming it and shared an update in my previous post, with a peek at some the projects… come take a look!

I’m thrilled at the wonderful response to the free workshop: thousands of creatives form all over the world are experimenting with their art supplies, discovering new ones and rediscovering the ones they thought they knew! So many possibilities await when we simply embrace a spirit of playfulness and I hope you will join us!

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