Ready for the Next Step!

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Ready for the Next Step!

Those of you who follow me daily on social media might have noticed that lately I haven’t been showing up, well… daily. Facebook even sends me notifications that say “5745 people haven’t heard from you in a while, write a post now!”… But despite the nasty, guilt-inducing little voice in my head, I’m very OK with it. Because right now, I’m in one of those “in-between” moments, one of those liminal spaces where everything seems to slow down and freeze, holding its breath before the next big leap…

Creatively speaking, it’s not a very comfortable place to be, especially since my body seems to have decided that debilitating chronic migraine would be the perfect way to slow me down and prevent me from experiencing the pure joy of what’s coming (yes, there is a twisted part of our brain that just doesn’t feel comfortable with too much joy, so I’m re-reading this book at the moment).

Laly Mille, Artist

So, what is this big next step? Well, tomorrow - TOMORROW! - we’re getting the keys to our dream home! With a gorgeous garden, lots of light, a larger, more comfortable studio space (no more bumping big canvases into the sloping ceiling nor running down two flights of stairs to wash my brushes, yay!) and even better… a barn (a barn!!!!!) that we plan on converting into a large studio space to host workshops some day! I’ll share pictures very soon, once the house is ours (tomorrow! tomorrow!!!) but for now, here is just a peek at our beautiful front door…

Avant 3-porte entrée.jpg

And… below is what my current studio looks like at the moment. It’s not too inspiring right now, most of it is packed, the walls are bare… it seems to be holding its breath too (to take a tour of this same studio in full bloom, go HERE).


I’ve only kept my favorite supplies at the ready because my other big, scary-but-wonderful project at the moment is the creation of my new online art class, Soulful Abstracts! In the coming weeks, before we move to our new home (on March 22nd), my goal is to finish planning the lessons, test the projects and get everything ready so I can start filming asap after our big move! It’s going to be a delightful, in-depth art journey and if you’d like to find out more and get on the wait list, click below:

OK, I’m off to packing another box or two, and I’ll share pics of the house super soon, promise. Stay tuned!

Light & Love


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