Step into the light!

Step into the light

It's a celebration... and you're invited!


Hello Beautiful Creative!

A year ago, I stepped into the light and became a teacher...

she knew W.jpg

I took a deep breath and opened the doors to my first online art class, Layers of Light, while also challenging myself to start a year-long, live and local workshop here in my little french town.

This first year of teaching has been incredible, almost surreal (which is the kind of magical feeling I love) with so much learning, so much growth... So much light and love too.

This decision to share my creative light through teaching has completely changed my life, and touched the souls of hundreds of students, artists and creative souls from all over the world (actually hubby just told me it's more like a thousand... I'm still processing the info and might need a bit of chocolate...)

Light Seeker...

So before embarking on another year of this amazing adventure, and before opening Layers of Light to new students, I really wanted to take the time to pause, celebrate and give back a little bit of this joy ♥︎

I'm going to share more about this journey here on the blog in the coming days/weeks but first I have a really exciting announcement and a sweet gift for YOU:

I've just opened registration for a...

FREE, week-long art workshop!

We start on Monday, 16th Oct. for a whole week of creativity!  In "Into the light", I share some favorite teachings from Layers of Light and a whole lot more!

We will get blissfully messy, all the while diving deep to awaken your creative spark in beautiful ways. I'll also share my favorite creative tips and juiciest "secrets" to follow your light and find your voice as an artist.

We've opened registration last night and an incredibly gorgeous community of creatives is gathering already (hundreds, hubby says... oh my, I might need some more chocolate)

Make sure to reserve your spot and join us!


I so look forward to seeing you in class!

Light and Love,

There is a morning inside you, waiting to busrt into light.
— Rumi

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