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Three years ago I took a brave bold step in the direction of my dreams, a step into the light. I did something I had been so scared to do, yet longing to do for quite a while: I bought a camcorder, upgraded my computer (the investment in itself felt daunting), set a table under the skylight in my studio (I didn’t have any lights back then) and started filming my first class ever.

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I will always remember that first filming session, of the first project of my very first online class: Layers of Light. Creating the class and going through the projects myself was magical experience I had not anticipated, and I could only hope that others would be able to feel some of this magic once I shared it with them. I followed my own inner light and felt guided every step of the way (well maybe not in that moment when I forgot to take of my fluffy fleece jacket, not realizing it would show on camera… oh well…).

I vividly remember pushing the “stop” button at the end, with the wildest joy in my heart, and telling myself “You did it! You actually did it!”, and going down the stairs, grinning from ear to ear as hubby was waiting with an expectant look on his face.

From the “Soul Board” project, the first lesson in Layers of Light

From the “Soul Board” project, the first lesson in Layers of Light


He plugged the new camcorder into the new computer and the file started to load. Then we watched… I cringed at the sight of the fluffy jacket, at the sound of my voice, at my hesitations (thank goodness for video editing) but nothing could bring me down from the happy little cloud my soul was dancing on. That’s how Layers of Light was born.

Little did I expect that a few weeks later, exactly 222 beautiful creatives would sign up for the first session of the class. Nor did I expect how deeply it would touch their hearts, how it would make them grow.

Thank you Laly Mille for the most inspirational course I’ve ever taken... I cannot even put into words the growth as an artist this course has evoked in me... in my heart... soul... and mind. It truly does help you find your inner light and allows that light to fill each piece you create.
— Barbara, Layers of Light student

And little did I expect that today, three years and over 1000 students later, I would be opening the very LAST group session of this gentle, beautiful and transformational journey.

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Because today, I know in my heart that the time has come to open a new chapter. I am not retiring the class, far from it (no worries!). In fact, the waiting list is fuller than ever and I feel it’s time to make Layers of Light more widely available, so that all the lovely souls who are feeling called to this adventure can take the leap and follow their light. That’s why I will soon be adding it to my self-study classes, available all-year round!

But before I do, and to celebrate this new beginning, I’m opening one very last group session! Registration has just opened today and we all start together on September 16. I have a feeling it’s going to be such a lovely, special one (I’ve even added an extra lesson!).

If this class has been on your wish-list and you love the inspiration and motivation of learning with a group, then don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. You can click below to find out more, and there’s a sweet offer until the end of the weekend:


I would love for you to be part of this adventure and in the meantime, I encourage you to follow your light, embrace it and dare to share it with others, because until you do, you have no idea where it can take you…

Light & Love,


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