From Nature to Art

From nature to art

botany, weaving and other lovely things...


Our little family is just back from Ireland, which to me is one of the most magical places on Earth: think sunrise on misty lakes, full moon over purplish hills and catching a green fairy... (more about that soon!)

For now, I'm feeling more inspired than ever by the wonders of Nature. The sheer beauty of it all, the serenity of its rhythm, life pulsing in even the tiniest things... It's almost too much for one little human heart and I need to let it spill out into art!

Misty morning by the lake, Ireland, county Clare - Laly Mille
The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep.
— Rumi


I gather elements from nature all the time: twigs, pebbles, feathers, seeds... I love to spot them on my walks and then display them around the studio with all their beautiful textures and colors. They remind me of this precious connection to the natural world and constantly inspire my paintings. Then the next, very tempting step is to actually incorporate these treasures INTO my art. And one of my favorite ways to do that is weaving:

Laly Mille - Weaving hands - Woven Dreams art class

I haven't shared my fiber art too much so far, even though I've been weaving on and off for years. I don't even have it in the art section of my site. I guess there's still this little voice in my head telling me that I'm just all over the place, with so many interests and techniques (I'm sure some of you can relate!)

And yet, isn't it one of the joys of mixed media? To experiment with different techniques and materials and find new ways of expressing ourselves? Staying true to our unique "vibe" while applying it to different forms? Knowing that it's allowed?...


When I look at my woven pieces, I see small abstract artworks with a tactile quality that I couldn't create any other way. And if you know me a little, you know that I'm all about the feel and touch of things.

Another thing I adore about this process, is that it is 100% sustainable art. No chemicals of any kind involved, no expensive materials, no brushes to clean... This is something I'm becoming more and more aware of in my overall art practice. Plus it's such an ancient, universal process and can be done by anyone (weaving is actually one of my earliest memories of making art when I was just a tiny little girl!).

If you're feeling intrigued and inspired by this process, I've got good news: I'm about to release a brand new mini workshop called Woven Dreams that's all about weaving! You can get on the wait list below if you'd like to be notified when I open registration (probably next week or even this Friday if we manage to get everything ready!)

EDIT: Registration just opened!

Instant, Lifetime Access - * Limited Seats *

The Great Outdoors

in 21 Secrets Summer Studio!

Are you feeling inspired by nature too? Here is another beautiful offering that starts really soon and is open for registration for a few more days! The upcoming 21 Secrets workshop is all about getting outside and being inspired by the wonders of the natural world: from imaginary landscapes to botany or following the rhythm of the moon... so many inspiring classes by a wonderful team of teachers, which I'm excited to be a part of!

Here is a peek at my lesson: it's called the Poetic Botanist and we're going to play with vintage prints and image transfers!


No matter if it's Summer or Winter where you are, I hope you can find the time to go out in Nature, even if it's just in a park or in your garden. Look around you, look at your feet and above your head. Take the time to notice how magical this world really is. Let it uplift you and inspire you!

With Light and Love,


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