Woven Dreams: a new class!

Woven Dreams

A brand new class!


One of my earliest memories of making art, when I was just a tiny little girl, is weaving. I had this game made of colorful plastic strips that you would weave together to create simple checked patterns, and I was completely mesmerized! Later, in school, we did a collaborative project where everyone brought some old pieces of fabric and other reclaimed materials, and we created this big, beautifully textured tapestry that evoked a summery landscape. I was hooked...

Laly Mille - Woven Dreams Fiber Art Workshop

Weaving is such an ancient, universal process. It can be done by anyone! It is gentle and intuitive, with a soft, meditative rhythm that makes you slow down and invites day-dreaming... I love it so much and I'm excited to share it with you in a brand new class called "Woven Dreams"! Take a peek:


yummy, earth-friendly art

In this delightfully whimsical fiber project, we will be working with beautiful, unusual and recycled materials (yarns, ribbon, leaves, book pages, grasses and even metal!) to create exquisite mini artworks that can be framed or displayed as wall-hangings, and can also be turned into the yummiest journal covers!

You won't need any fancy supplies or "art" materials for this class: it all starts with looking around you, collecting textures and colors and using what you already have in new ways!

Laly Mille - Woven Dreams Fiber Art Workshop

I love "touchable" art. Art that involves more senses than just sight, dimensional pieces that are so intriguing and yummy you can't help but want to touch them... When I look at my woven pieces, I see small abstract artworks in their own right, with a tactile quality I couldn't create any other way.

I also love how working with fiber instantly creates new opportunities to explore harmony and contrast with texture and value: soft feather with gritty steel wool, lightweight lace with thick, warm yarns... I love to display my woven pieces in my studio and let them inspire my other art (like those big abstracts I’ve been working on lately!)

Are you curious about this process? Is the weaving muse calling you?... Then I would love to guide you through "Woven Dreams"!

I've created this class as a mini workshop (around 2 hours of video) to keep it super easy and affordable, and with instant access you can get started today!



I hope to see you in class really soon!

wishing you Light and Love,


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