Art journaling

My "Book of Days" has become a faithful companion, a delightful playground and an endless source of inspiration. I'm sharing some of its pages on my blog and you'll find them below. I'm also sharing a glimpse of my process in a free video series and in an in-depth online class.

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.
— Pablo Picasso

My book of days

I'm sharing some of the pages of my art journal on my blog, and with each page I share stories and thoughts about the creative process and my journey as an artist. Subscribe to my newsletter to be notified when I share a new page:


The artist & the journal

online class

An in-depth online class to discover or renew your art journaling practice and take it to the next step, from the page to the canvas!

free tutorial

Make your own art journal!


In this tutorial I show you how to create your own art journal with watercolor paper!

Free video series

"New beginnings"

Join me as I share the making of my last page of the year, around gratitude, and of my first page of the new year, around new beginnings and my "word of the year"!


Here is a quick, timelapse sneak peek of the second page from this free series. Enjoy!